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Valve casting
Valve casting (low temperature -20 ℃)
Engineering machinery
Air Compressor
Other Parts
  • China office:
  • Company: Zhangzhou Haili Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • Address: Nanban, Wuan town, Changtai, zhangzhou city
  • P.C.: 363900
  • Tel: +86-596-8323220
  • Fax: +86-596-8328220
  • E-mail: sales@cn-haili.com
  • Business contacts: Mr Zheng
  • Mob: 159 6064 4575

Zhangzhou Haili Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a multiple mechanical manufacturing enterprise producing components in grey iron, ductile iron, Low temperature ductile iron and aluminum alloy, which is renowned as the “Backyard Garden of Southern Fujian”. Given a distance of 18 km to Zhangzhou and a distance of 42 km to Xiamen, the land, marine and air transportation conditions are all of great conveniences.

Established in 1988, the company is now occupying 36,000 square meters. It also owns molding machines, short-blasting machines, medium-frequency furnaces, fast chemical analysis instrument and mechanical processing machineries as well as chemical and physical analysis laboratory. Currently, the products include: components for fire-fighting pipe lines, valve components, engineering machineries and automobile, which are widely applied in machineries, automobile, mining, chemical, textile and fire fighting industry.

The company considers scientific management and technological innovation as the key competencies. It has attained ISO9001:2008 certificate in Jun 2002, embedded Surge ERP management software system in 2008, and gained certification of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) for ductile and grey iron valve and pipe line castings used in ship-building industry in Jun 2009, CE approval (PED) in Apr 2012.Lloyd's material approval in May 2013.TS approval in Dec 2014.ABS approval in Mar 2016,AD2000 approval in May 2017.Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Management System Certificate approval in March 2018. In 2019 by French BV classification society and the China classification society certification, in 2020 passed the quality management system certification and environmental management system certification. Passed IATF16949 automotive management system certification in August 2023.

 It has become a leading enterprise in machinery components manufacture resulting from the successful combination of research, molding and processing. The professional production team, advanced inspection facilities and excellent workmanship have guaranteed the company with an advantage and a good reputation in the global competition. The company has successfully expanded its business network throughout the world, including various clients from European countries, U.S.A and South East Asia countries, such as Emerson and AVK.

Always sticking to the business idea of "Honest and Practical", the company has always been endeavoring to contribute to the society based on the spirit of "be enterprising and pursue the excellence" as well as the idea of "win the reputation by quality, obtain the development by talents".

Zhangzhou Haili Machinery Co., Ltd is sincerely looking forward to the domestic and international friends to closely collaborate with us in order to create a better tomorrow.


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